About me:

I am a Northern California Native who has lived in San Francisco since 1992 after graduating from California State University Chico.  During the past twenty plus years I’ve worked in and out of both corporate and private settings among numerous industries as an administrator, developer, consultant, and business owner.  I have been a student, a spiritual guide, a club kid, and have conquered both addiction and boredom.  Now I spend my time helping others, working on carpentry, art and house projects while playing with my partner of six years. Now in my forties, I am partially retired and enjoy my life as a Life Coach (Certified by the Certified Coaches Federation), Body-worker, and Gay Porn Star.  If you would like to follow your dreams, and live a more fulfilling life, come work with me and I’ll show you how.


To meet the various needs you might have, I have put together three different coaching programs - one of which i hope appeals to you.  All of my approaches are wholistic as I am a firm believer that when you change one thing, all other aspects of your life are also influenced. So the mre you pay attention to the bigger pictures, the better off your journey through life is.

Program V is a spitrtually based coaching prgram inspired by ancient aegyptian practices designed to balance your life so that you succeed on five levels concurrently:  physically, intellectually, consciously, inspirationally, and spiritually.

The Conversation is a freduian styled intensive coached session designed to open a doorway into the behaviors, speech patterns, and attitudes that are currently blocking you from being your fullest, acheiving your dreams, and living the best life you can live.  The Conversation is designed for people who are curious, want to change, and are eager to learn more about themselves, their thoughts, and their patterns success and sabotage.

Traditional Life Coaching is also available, though as you can probably already tell, there won't be a great deal of traditional in it.  What there will be are the tools, support, and committment needed to help you get to where you'd like to be.

    - Will


If none of the above appeal to you then let me know and I can recommend a colleague from the Gay Coaches Alliance who can help you achieve the most out of your life and the life around you.

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